A Mild Cluster Fugget

by | Jul 17, 2019

At the 2019 Homebrew Con, the YCH team handed out more than 800 samples of our latest homebrew exclusive hop blend, Cluster Fugget. While the name might suggest otherwise, we’ve intentionally created this aroma-packed blend with historically significant Pacific Northwestern varieties to celebrate the brewing community at the Heart of the Art™– our homebrewers.

Whether you picked up a sample at this year’s Homebrew Con, or purchased Cluster Fugget through our online store, or at your local homebrew shop, our Brewing Innovations team has provided you with a recipe to get you started. The recipe below is designed to showcase the unique aroma profile of the blend, with earthy and grassy characteristics, as well as hints of citrus and sweet aromas.

Check it out, give it a try, and post your brew day photos on social media with #ClusterFugget!

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“A Mild Clusterfugget”


Caramel Steam-20%
Munich 10L-18%
Flaked Rye-8%


Clusterfugget-60 min (14.5IBU)
Clusterfugget-15 min (5.7 IBU)
Clusterfugget-Whirlpool (3.7IBU)

60 Minute Boil

Yeast-Imperial A01
Mash Temp-155F
Fermentation Temp-64F