by | May 14, 2018

This spring, we were thrilled to learn that our Simcoe® brand hop products had a starring role in a special Pale Ale brewed in celebration of the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Henry of Wales and Meghan Markle. Windsor & Eton Brewery, based in the United Kingdom, specifically chose Simcoe® brand hops from Yakima Chief Hops in honor of Miss Markle’s American West Coast roots, alongside their own blend of British hops called Invicta to represent Prince Harry’s role in creating the Invictus Games.

In celebration of this exciting royal beer and the upcoming wedding on 5/19, select British hop varieties will be on sale for $5.19 USD per pound during the week of the wedding, May 14th – May 21st. Available hops include Admiral, Fuggle, Northdown, Pioneer, Progress, Sovereign & Target.

The celebratory brew is a special limited edition of Windsor & Eton’s best-selling beer, Windsor Knot™. Simcoe® is the only American hop brand that was included in the beer, showcasing the flavorful and aromatic hops being sourced from the Pacific Northwest and placing American brand hops on the map in a global way.

The Simcoe® brand hops used in this celebratory beer were grown and harvested in 2017 at Perrault Farms and processed at one of Yakima Chief Hops’ quality production facilities. Perrault Farms, a grower-owner of Yakima Chief Hops, is a fourth generation hop farm owned by the Perrault Family. Yakima Chief Ranches, the organization that is responsible for the creation of Simcoe® brand hops, is led by Jason Perrault, a family member of Perrault Farms and the current CEO of Yakima Chief Ranches.

“We are thrilled that the hops chosen for this special brew came from one of our family farms,” says Kate Ruffing, Chief Marketing Officer of Yakima Chief Hops. “We are honored that this well-rounded, legendary American hop brand was chosen to represent Ms. Markle’s American roots, and we wish all the best to the happy couple.”