The EXP Beer Series

Conceptualized and introduced in Fall of 2020, The EXP Beer Series from Yakima Chief Hops started in partnership with our good friends and close partners at Old Schoolhouse Brewery to EXPERIMENT & EXPLORE with different hops, products, and techniques. Into the future we plan to brew more EXP Beers with Old Schoolhouse Brewery as well as other close partners within the Yakima Chief Hops network.

By utilizing the YCH pilot brewery in Yakima, the YCH Brewing Innovations team brews small batches of beer with a wide range of different hop varieties and products. In collaboration with our industry leading sensory and technical teams, we drive innovation on the hop side and correlate how those hops and innovations translate into finished beer. Collaboration with our partner breweries starts with recipe formulation for the pilot brews and ends with the finished beer produced on their brewhouse.

The EXP Beer series serves as a way for YCH to conduct critical hop research while allowing the brewing community a chance to experience and learn more about the emerging trends and solutions in beer. Batch specific surveys are hosted to capture your feedback, so please follow the link for the unique batch of EXP Beer you are drinking to submit your input. Your feedback will be used to create brewing resources, facilitate research findings, and provide brewers with additional brewing application and usage specifics. As innovation and continuous improvement are at the core of the Yakima Chief Hops values, we greatly appreciate your involvement and encourage you to join in on the fun!