Over the years, the hop and brewing industries have come together over their shared passion for innovation, inspiring one another to push the envelope on flavor, quality and efficiency. This often results in ground breaking products and solutions that soon become the latest trends in brewing.

In an effort to showcase these new developments, the Yakima Chief Hops Brewing Innovations team has created the In the Lup™ project in collaboration with Bale Breaker Brewing Company and Yakima Chief Ranches. The project is a beer series designed to keep brewers “in the lup” on what’s fresh in the industry.

Each of the beers are intentionally brewed to showcase experimental hop varieties, innovative products and creative techniques in new and exciting ways. They are distributed to our industry partners to demonstrate the latest hop products available and inspire the brewing community.

This beer series represents the collaborative spirit across the supply chain, as a hop breeder, hop supplier and local brewery work together to bring big ideas to fruition. We hope to encourage a culture of collaboration and innovation from field to pint, as we continue to pioneer new flavors and ways to brew great beer.

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Hoppy Pale Ale