Introducing the YCH Mobile Lot Lookup App

by | Oct 15, 2020

Yakima Chief Hops invites its brewing partners to enjoy a new way of viewing, organizing and storing their hop data, digitally, with the YCH Mobile Lot Lookup App. This custom app allows brewers the ability to easily access valuable information regarding their hop products purchased through YCH, including brewing specifications, oil content and crop year.

As the leading grower-owned hop supplier in the world, YCH has a strong focus on digital innovation as a way to enhance efficiency and improve processes across the supply chain. Knowing the way that we rely on our mobile devices to store important information, YCH has created a digital platform to search and store valuable product data.

With the Yakima Chief Hops Mobile Lot Lookup App, customers can:

  • Search for information regarding specific YCH hop products using the lot number or by scanning the box
  • Access previously viewed hop data and lot information while offline
  • Retrieve hop product analytics including brewing values and oil content
  • Discover the family farms where specific hops were grown
  • Learn how to understand Lot Lookup Mobile App results using the data legend and definitions
  • Contact customer support and provide feedback directly from the app

The app is simple and user friendly, allowing customers to view the crop year, alpha and beta acid percentages and in-depth oil analysis all on one screen, in the palm of their hand. The app also saves each product that the user has searched along with the information so that brewers can reference this data throughout the brewing process. Brewers can now easily find, access and store important data for their YCH hop products on their mobile device, as opposed to using box labels and paperwork that can be lost or thrown out.

By removing the Alpha Acid data from the product packaging and replacing it with a mobile app solution, it also streamlines and enhances the YCH production process. With a leaner manufacturing process, brewing customers can potentially receive their current crop year hop products faster. This also reduces our environmental impact, as it reduces the amount of plastic waste produced during our packaging process.

We encourage you to share this useful tool with your brewhouse team and work to incorporate it into your workflow, as we strive to introduce more efficient and sustainable solutions to the industry. As always, we would love to hear your feedback as you utilize this tool in your daily brewing operations. Please feel free to submit your feedback using the app or contact us at [email protected].

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