New blend release for homebrewers — Cluster Fugget™

by | Jun 24, 2019

Yakima Chief Hops is known for creating inventive and exciting hop blends, whether they are designed to increase brewing efficiency, achieve specific characteristics and/or give back to a mission-driven nonprofit organization. One evening during a beer-fueled roundtable discussion about hop blends, Steve Carpenter, YCH’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, candidly mentioned blending a few historically-significant Pacific Northwest varieties to create a blend like no other.

“Cluster, Fuggle and Nugget. We’ll call it Cluster Fugget.”

After discussing the potential characteristics of such a blend, the team decided it would make the perfect addition to our hop blend portfolio. With that, YCH has created their next aromatic expressive hop blend – Cluster Fugget™. Blended to create a brilliant hodge podge of aroma profiles, Cluster Fugget™ represents the spontaneous magic we can create in the brewing process.

To celebrate the fun and adventurous spirit of the homebrewing community, YCH is offering Cluster Fugget™ exclusively to homebrewers. While homebrewers continue to inspire us to push the boundaries on innovation and quality, they also inspire us to have a little fun, reminding us that no brew should be taken too seriously. To show our appreciation, we wanted to create a unique, aromatic hop blend just for them.

Blending this combination of Cluster, Fuggle and Nugget creates an alpha content of 8.1%, making it a versatile, well-balanced hop blend. Best used with a sense of adventure and a pioneering spirit, Cluster Fugget™ works well in any style brewed at home with a beer in hand and an open mind. The aroma characteristics include earthy and grassy, with hints of citrus and sweet aromas.

From the social media presence to homebrewing events, the enthusiasm and spirit of the homebrew community is contagious. We appreciate everything they bring to the table, including creative recipes, edgy techniques, and big ideas. We invite homebrewers near and far to brew with Cluster Fugget™, add their own flare, get funky, and share their favorite Cluster Fugget™ recipes with us. Post your Cluster Fugget™ experience on social media and use the hashtag #ClusterFugget!