by | Sep 26, 2019

The hop harvest in the Pacific Northwest is progressing well. Cool weather has allowed for an orderly ripening of the crop and most growers have been able to hit their optimum picking windows resulting in excellent overall quality. Light rain showers in Washington and Idaho have caused only minimal drying issues with no time loss so far. A recent rain event in Oregon has caused some challenges with the late season harvest, but it is not expected to create any quality or timing issues.

Growers are hitting target yields and above on most varieties. The Centennial crop in both Oregon and Washington were exceptional. Cascades were spotty, but the final yields are expected to be in the five-year average range. The Simcoe® crop was completely almost two weeks ago and processing has begun to preserve the exceptional quality of the year’s crop. The Citra® harvest was completed earlier this week and we are optimistic the mature acreage volume will make up for a disappointing baby year in Washington. Mosaic® harvest is wrapping up this week and early indications are for good yields and good quality.

The cooler summer and subsequent extended bloom period have contributed to a slightly elevated seed level this year across most varieties. But feedback from brewers who are in the PNW for hop selection so far would indicate this is a stellar year for quality and craft beer lovers can expect their favorite beers to have exceptional flavors and aromas from this year’s crop and the sill of our favorite brewers. 

The alpha crop harvest is just beginning. We’ll have another report at the end of harvest summarizing the 2019 hop harvest.