September 25, 2018: PNW Crop Report

by | Sep 25, 2018

Most growers are in their final week of hop harvest and the weather remains cool and dry in most regions.  The Oregon crop is mostly harvested and in cold storage.  The weather forecast looks favorable for the next few days and many in the industry believe this year represents the most ideal harvest conditions in many years.

Alpha acid levels are generally slightly higher than 5-year averages, but lower than 2017 levels.  Late picked CTZ in Idaho and Washington are showing signs of being “tired”, but Warrior® and Pahto® (formerly HBC 682) and hanging well and will be harvested in the next few days.

Our overall alpha average for Cascade was 6.7%, down slightly from our 5 year average of 7.1% and down from last year at 7.9%.  The Simcoe® crop was down slightly, but alpha acid levels were 13.5% which is our 5 year average.  Nugget yields were good in Oregon and we are still receiving, but alphas appear to be down slightly from our 5 year average so far.  Citra® yields were variable, but up slightly from last year with alpha levels slightly below the 5 year average at 13.1%.  Mosaic® are still being delivered, but yields appear down slightly so far.

With very few exceptions, the overall quality of the 2018 is excellent due to weather considerations and growers embracing more sophisticated methods of continuous improvement.

With a week of harvest to go, we will issue our final report next week.