It’s American Craft Beer Week and we are celebrating!

2021 Submissions

Congrats winners:
Rosana Bravo
Jose Negrete
Tiffany Pitra
Honorable Mention: Luc Beaulieu

At A Local Brewery  

The below items will be counted for every brewery you visit/submit…so if you get a selfie with a brewer at 3 breweries this week, you get 30 points!

  • Selfie with Brewer   10
  • Video of you high-fiving or air fiving a Brewer    20
  • Photo of Brewery sign   5
  • Photo of brewery receipt that dates this week   15
  • Boomerang/Video of you cheersing with friends 20
  • Photo of brewery menu      5
  • Photo of your beer tasting flight   10
  • Photo of you wearing brewery swag    20
  • Photo of you with the brewery dog    50
  • Photo of you drinking a beer    10
  • Photo of a stack of kegs / Cans    5


  • Photo of you in a store craft beer section    20
  • Photo of you wearing at least three brewery swag items    50
  • Video of you singing a song with the word beer in it    200
  • Photo of your brewery sticker collection – Point for each sticker (show with single photo)
  • One point for each brewery branded hat  (show with single photo)
  • Point for each brewery tin tacker you have  (show with single photo)
  • Video of you cooking using beer as an ingredient   100
  • Video of you brewing beer   150  
  • Selfie of you wearing a brewery logoed mask   50
  • Photo of your car with a brewery logo on it: 1 point per sticker
  • Photo of your beer fridge (5 points for each type/brand) of beer

Yakima Valley Breweries

  • Receipt of your Little Hopper purchase    50
  • Bale Breaker Brewing Co
    • Video of you cartwheeling on the lawn    50
    • Photo of you in Field 41    20
    • Boomerang/Video of you drinking a Mango IPA    25
  • Single Hill Brewing
    • Selfie with Ty Paxton    50
    • Photo of you drinking a beer and eating 5 salsas tacos    25
    • Video of you playing in the kids area    20
  • 5th Line Brewing
    • Photo of you at the brewery wearing a hockey jersey    25
    • Photo of you high-sticking    20
  • Wandering Hop
    • Video of you dancing like the logo    200
    • Photo of you wearing one of their new jackets    25
    • Selfie with Aria (Gotta figure out who she is!)   30
  • Hop Capital Brewing
    • Video of you playing foosball    20
    • Boomerang/Video of you playing shuffleboard    20
  • Valley Brewing
    • Photo of you with a front row parking space    40
    • Selfie of you in the backyard of valley brewing    20
  • Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co
    • Video of you eating pizza    20
    • Video of you playing Frisbee out on the lawn   20
  • Cowiche Creek Brewing Co
    • Selfie with Tiny (Could be the brewer nickname, could be a dog, who knows)   75
    • Video of you crossing the Cowiche Bridge   20  Bonus 20 if you are dancing
  • Varietal Beer Co
    • Selfie with one of the owners   50
    • Photo of the beer names wall at varietal    25