Washington D.C., USA – May 14, 2019 – Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) is thrilled to announce they will be joining the craft beer and culinary event, SAVOR, in Washington DC on May 17th. 

The annual event, organized by the Brewers Association, invites beer lovers from around the world to sample more than 200 beers from 92 independent breweries, with each beer paired with a food offering. This year, attendees will also be able to learn more about a key ingredient in their favorite beers – the hop. 

Technical brewers and sensory experts from YCH will be there to offer guests a hop sensory experience, educating attendees on how hops are utilized to accentuate various flavors in beer. As the leading grower-owned hop supplier for craft breweries worldwide, Yakima Chief Hops aims to connect beer lovers with the multi-generational family hop farms of the Pacific Northwest.

“Hops can have a very synergistic relationship with food,” says Tommy Yancone, YCH’s Technical Brewer. “Each hop variety contributes their own special blend of oils, adding distinct flavor and aroma characteristics to beers. When paired with food, those oils have the ability to change the way we experience what we are eating, complimenting other ingredients and evoking new flavors. Hops can be an exciting part of the culinary experience by changing the way we perceive flavors in food.”

Showcasing 12 different hop varieties at the booth, YCH will offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about hops as the main ingredient behind the flavors and aromas of their favorite beers. Like other finished products such as wine, chocolate and coffee, there is growing interest in understanding the key ingredients in favorite foods and beverages and how they are produced. Yakima Chief Hops invites attendees to discover the science and the history of hops, as they tell the story of where great beer begins.

In collaboration with the Brewers Association, YCH will be serving beer made with some of their most popular hop varieties and will also have exclusive hop caramels, made with hop oil, available to taste.

For more information about Yakima Chief Hops, or to arrange a meeting with a YCH team member while at SAVOR™, please contact [email protected].